Axiall Says Westlake’s Takeover Proposal Is ‘An Opportunistic Attempt To Take Advantage OF Challenging Public Equity Market Conditions’

Westlake Chemical Corporation (NYSE: WLK) announced on Tuesday it plans on nominating a slate of 10 independent individuals to Axiall Corp (NYSE: AXLL)’s Board of Directors. Westlake has offered to acquire Axiall in a deal that values its stock at $20 per share. Axiall responded to Westlake’s notice in a press release. The company suggested […]

Carrier, UTEC out of step with manufacturing industry, experts say

The decision by two Indiana manufacturers to leave the state is no doubt damaging to the economy but isn’t a sign of a larger trend. The decision by two Indiana manufacturers to shift operations to Mexico and eliminate 2,100 local jobs is no doubt a gut punch to a state that is disproportionately reliant on manufacturing. That said, industry and […]

Why Republicans Hate Unions: They’re a Threat to Corporate Control

Unions have been fiercely attacked since their emergence in the United States during the Industrial Revolution. While it is true that labor unions have had their own set of unique and troubling problems, ranging from insufficient organization to outright corruption, the most harrowing 0pposition they have faced throughout history has been from the business class […]